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Chattanooga Ice Pack

Chattanooga ice pack - the perfect cold therapy pack for your patients. Chattanooga's skilled intramural physicians and scientists have developed this pack to ensure perfect cold therapy for each patient. This cold therapy pack is reusable, so you can keep more useable and portability in your patients' lives. The black color gives it a sleek look and feel. The pack is comfortable to wear and is sure to give your patients the cold cpap treatment they need.

Colpac Re-Usable Quarter Size Cold Pack

Best Chattanooga Ice Pack Sale

The chattanooga ice pack is a reusable gel ice pack that is designed to help provide cold therapy for knee arm elbow, shoulder back, and aches and swelling bruises. The cold therapy can help provide relief and pain. The chattanooga ice pack is blue and is reusable.
the chattanooga ice pack is a reusable gel ice pack designed to cold treat patients for treatment. It is available in blue or black. The pack can be used for various services such as for cold therapy, aim for the middle ground is the chattanooga ice pack. The blue pack cold therapy cold treatment is designed to give you the best chance for good care while the black pack has a more powerful flavor. The pack provides staples to keep ice in the pack and the ability to easily find it when need be. Additionally, the pack has a built inystem that provides data on how many hours the pack is on the market and how often it needs to be used.